Friday, 4 October 2013

Telekung's type.

Whenever it prayer's time for muslims, all women will dressed up properly and cover their aurah to pray. Many of them will just pray without even using "telekung" because that's how its supposed to be anyway. "Telekung" means "Veil" in English. However, Southeast Asia People like Malaysia and Indonesia, both are unique. Most of the people have telekung specially made just to use for their prayers.

Some of these people opinionated, using telekung is much, much better since it is :

  • Cover your aurah properly
  • Very comfortable
  • Separate of what they wear to see people and to see The Almighty.
  • Easy to wear
All characteristics above are all true, but you have to know that there's a lot of telekung's type in the market right now

The first telekung is : Plain Telekung

This telekung is as much as what Malaysian Muslim wears when they went for Haji or Umrah. It is very simple, and there's many designs too. There are designs with colourful patterns all over it, some people put on lace to make it prettier and there's also a lot of material type for this telekung depending on customer's preferences. Usually, women prefer telekung that the stitches can suits their face.

Photo source : Google

Type No 2 : Telekung Vietnam

Telekung Vietnam is trending around Malaysian. Obviously, it came and tailored from Vietnam country. What's so special about them? Telekung Vietnam are known as their beauty of the handmade embroidery (sulaman) and there's many colors too though they are quite the same with characteristics like what Plain Telekung have. Exampleee :

This is one of the design of Telekung Vietnam. 
Photo source : Google

Type No 3 : Telekung Lycra

As what it mentions int the name, the telekungs are all made with "Lycra" material. It is kind of heavy (Not easily blown away with the wind), usually very stretchable and of course, comfortable. This telekung can have variety of colors (From red to green) and yes, have many designs. It became one of the favorite telekung for most teenagers because of it colors.

See? Beautiful colors :)
Photo credit : Google

These are the top three telekung that are available in Malaysian market. There are a lot more (Travel telekung - it comes with bags, custom made telekung, etc.). What's important is, wear telekung that is follows Islam's rules. Make sure it is not transparent, cover all parts that you should cover.


Okay, so what's your favorite telekung/? 


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