Friday, 11 October 2013

Muslimah fashion trends.

Day by days, there's a lot of new trends appearing in the magazines, the tv shows and of course, the Instagram. Especially women clothing. Even, we, as the muslimah, are not left behind the trends, except for we have our own ways of being fashionable ;) There's many beautiful hijabis out there, that still dress with trends and looking good, without disregard the importance of covering aurah. We have women who wears tank tops over a skirt, but not looking dull, instead, they're awesomely fabulous ! Here's some examples :

But! There seems to be a problem for these women. The malls, the branded clothes and all usually offers attire that don't really suits us as a muslimah.. Many of the clothes you can find in malls are either transparent, or too short to wear. Which is not good for the hijabis.

Don't worry, now you can wear almost anything without worries :)
Here's a tip : INNER.

Yep, inner! You can wear it comfortably and match it with any clothes you want. Isn't that good?
Okay let's see.

This girl up here wore a thin or transparent, so she used inner to cover.

And here's a girl wearing a cardigan with inner inside. 

Aaand, our favorite modest singer, Yuna wearing cardigan on top of inner wear.

Good News!!
We're expertise in providing 3 types of inner wear for you! 

Okay, why high quality?! It's because the material is 100% Cotton. Very comfortable to wear, and you can wash it in washing machine without worrying the material will snag.

I know there's a bunch of inner wear out there that is TOO THIN and the fabric snags whenever it get stuck with a sharp object or spin in the washing machine.. I guaranteed that these inners are in good quality :))

So as you can see, there's 3 designs: 

1. Turtle neck inner (Can be used to cover until your neck)
2. Long sleeves inner
3. Sleeveless inner (Can be used inside cardigan or jacket)

The color of each designs are as in the photo :D

If interested, kindly PM our Facebook Page, or whatsapp/text us at 019-3603855 and you can start being fashionable women! Hehe

P.s All photos credits to Google and the owners.


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